Ortana Media Group are proud to introduce “kiosk” – our new portal offering from the Cubix platform suitable for a wide range of ,ed. Designed to wrap around almost any storage type – kiosk provides a rich user experience to acquire, discover, manage, augment and deliver content in an orchestrated, highly cost effective manner.

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bucket)

One of the major problems when using storage which is either cloud based (e.g. Backblaze, AWS S3, Wasabi, etc.) or when using “cold” storage (e.g. AWS Glacier, ALTO from Disk Archive, LTO robots, etc.) is that the interface to that storage is basic. Exposed via APIs, simple web browsers or simply CIFS / NFS mounts – they make managing and accessing the content stored within these locations difficult to access and view. It also means that to review or work with any of the content you need to restore the whole master file – something which can be costly either in time or egress fees, or both! There is also the issue of metadata, at best with these systems you get whatever is in the filename, or maybe a sidecar XML file.

Kiosk provides that missing layer – sitting on top of your storage solution(s), providing a rich UI that allows you to securely, search and view the content online. It takes a few seconds to provide the required details – and within seconds your kiosk automatically populates with any existing data you have.

Orchestrated Archiving

Kiosk is much more than just a simple online content portal – it is able to manage the entire life cycle of the content – and in a way that’s designed to be as “lights out” as possible – thanks to it making use of the Cubix orchestration engine. Kiosk can import content from a wide range of sources - ranging from simple watch folders in local or remote facilities, drag and drop directly via the browser through to social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube. Content can also be imported directly from other cloud storage locations and FTP sites.

During import – Kiosk acquires as much metadata as possible about the content – and business rules can easily be defined to control what content archives to what location based on this data– and if storage should be tiered (where content remains on one storage type before being “aged off” onto another. Data can also be “de-duped” on import to ensure costs are kept to a minimum – and at this time Kiosk will automatically generate transcodes, waveforms and other technical analysis on your content to display within the UI.

Artificial Intelligence

There is now a plethora of AI / ML based services on the marketplace which allow you to index your content as part of the workflow. This augmented metadata makes content itself searchable through speech to text and object detection - and allows for the semantic search engine within Cubix to vastly reduce the time it takes users to locate content.

At Ortana, we have real word experience of which solutions work best for what kind of content / indexing - and also Cubix is designed to drive these solutions with cost in mind. Instead of shipping entire video assets to the cloud, full raster still images are extracted at a configurable interval (e.g. every second) and these are sent for processing instead. Since Cubix automatically rebuilds the timeline of metadata - this method not only significantly reduces your costs - but also reduces processing time.

The net result? Your content is indexed quickly and cost effectively, with zero input from you – vastly improving how quickly your users can locate content.

With the content securely stored in your mix of storage locations – the kiosk UI allows for content to easily searched and found – and provides a frame accurate viewer to review and select content quickly. A wide range of delivery methods are available – including delivery back to your premises or onwards to other cloud locations.


Our new kiosk solution allows you to access all the benefits of Cubix for archive and research in a very cost-effective manner. Designed as a “overlay” on top of your choice(s) of storage providers - it manages the entire process end to end of content archiving - and significantly improves access and collaboration around online / cold storage solutions through its integration of AI-based services. Please contact us today for your free trial.

To learn more about kiosk, to arrange a demo of kiosk - and to receive your free 30 day trial – please contact us on hello@ortana.tv.